Finding your Yoga Family


fitRDU fam!

After I finished my YTT (with the outstanding Arrichion Teacher Training program- check them out if you are interested in a YTT program) I went in to what I call a yoga coma. I was exhausted from months of yoga so I took a 2 week hiatus (literally did no yoga) and after that I was ready to jump back in.

About two months went by where I was just doing yoga (from home and outside because of Covid-19) but I started to get eager to teach and continue to grow my practice. I am not one to get nervous but I was nervous about putting myself out there and looking for yoga teaching positions. I feel like yoga can be so different from place to place and I was like who is going to want me to teach? (Block out that self doubt Anna). I also knew I didn’t want to just teach anywhere. I love yoga but its not just about the poses and sun salutations for me. I love yoga for the community aspect, the feeling of working out and finding peace with a group of like minded people. I knew I had to find that in a studio before I ever considered teaching.

Libby enter stage left. In my search for places looking for yoga teachers I found Libby- probably by fate if you believe in that. Libby is a BADASS. She owns a Palates studio in North Raleigh called PBX. During Covid she was searching for a way for people to come together in a safe socially distanced way to work out, find calm (even if for only an hour), and enjoy the outdoors. This is how she and her husband Ethan founded fitRDU in July 2020-  a one stop outdoor fitness solution to keep you balanced with a variety of strength, stretch, and cardio workouts. fitRDU is a community that comes together to support local businesses, and organizations doing cool shi*t to be kind, just, and all around good humans.

The first time Libby and I met and she explained the fitRDU community she was working to build I was like “Oh my god- I want to be a part of such a wonderful community”. She brought me onboard as one of the first instructors and I soon met the other new instructors- who were also such kind & amazing badasses.

Fast forward to September- fitRDU has LAUNCHED and we are teaching HIIT, yoga, core, and yoga sculpt classes at 3 different local parks in Raleigh. The experiences of working with this amazing group of women to launch fitRDU has been incredibly rewarding and empowering. I have so much fun not just sweating with them but working with them and learning with them.

I wrote all this to say. I have found my yoga home in fitRDU and believe that finding your yoga home makes such a difference in yoga practice. Find a place that empowers you, puts a smile on your face, challenges you, lifts you up, and brings peace to your world. Find your yoga fam. β™₯

Lots of love, Anna

p.s. If you are local we would LOVE to have you in class πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Finding your Yoga Family

  1. This is so awesome Anna!πŸŒ»πŸ‘πŸ½. If I were local, this would be perfect! I’ll definitely follow and support you from afar! Wishing you much successπŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ€—. πŸ’• πŸ§˜πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

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