Using a Yoga Strap

Revolved High Lunge with Bind

A yoga strap is a great prop to add into your yoga practice. It can help you increase flexibility and work towards binding in some of your poses.

Using a yoga strap can help take your stretches to another level. Yoga straps give you the ability to “extend” your arms and reach your feet. Straps help you while you work on flexibility and stability in poses. As you increase your flexibility you may notice you are able to pull the strap higher or closer- eventually reaching your hands where the strap is looped. Here are just some example of how you can use a strap- there are a million more out there!

Here are two poses where the strap has helped me go deeper into the stretch and pose.

Top: Bound Side Angle with strap and Bound Side Angle without strap

Bottom: Revolved Side Stretch with strap and Revolved Side Stretch without strap

Manduka Strap

Manduka Strap $16

If you are a big amazon 2-day shipping person here is the amazon link.

Here is another yoga strap that comes in many pretty colors also with 2-day shipping!

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