The Run Down on Mats

There are an infinite amount of yoga mat choices on the market. Here is the skinny on mats!

Yoga mats are kind of like pants- one type might be such a great fit for one person while another type may be the best fit for someone else. So my best advice is to think about what type of yoga you do and what you want from your mat. How often do you do yoga? Do you do hot yoga? Or yoga outside? If you are looking for a quality, sustainably sources yoga mat that will fit your individual needs- Manduka is a good place to start!

I have the GRP Hot Yoga Mat 6mm from Manduka and I am ROUGH on my mat. I do yoga outside, in hot studios, and am not super careful with it. It has held up well! The GRP is a no slip mat made specifically for hot yoga. It has a charcoal- infused rubber base and open airflow that filters and evaporates moisture away. It is true- I don’t even use a mat towel when I am DRIPPING sweat in hot yoga! It is a little pricey at $128 but investing in a quality mat that I love was worth it for me. The GRP 6mm mat is a little on the heavy side due to its thickness but there is a lighter/ thinner version of my mat with the same grip and sweat benefits called the GRP Lite Hot Yoga Mat!

What I Love about Manduka:

  • Manduka is committed to product and environmental sustainability efforts. Their products are thoughtfully designed and created with the environment in mind!
  • The GRP line is truly a slip free experience- I drip sweat all over my mat and the mat just takes it! Even better the mat remains pretty odor free thanks to the charcoal base!
  • Manduka has different lines of mats depending on your needs! The GRP line is specifically designed for hot yoga and sweat; the The eKO line is designed to be Eco-friendly and biodegradable (how awesome!); and the PRO series is designed for joint support and protection (think extra cushion-y).
  • These mats LAST. I have had my mat for a year and it is showing no signs of giving out (again I am rough on my mat). Manduka even has a 10 year lifetime guarantee for the Pro series mats!

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